Roshan – Artist Bio

Galleria Meera is proud to present Roshan, an Indian artist who began his professional art career in 2009. He attended Art School at Leeds City College and his work consistently includes patterns with sociological and spiritual themes.

Roshan draws inspiration from his experiences as an ex-soldier in the British Army, and as someone who has grown up in a foreign land away from his birthplace of India. Roshan also has a higher education background outside of art, having studied Law at the University of York. He also studied Psychology, History and English Literature at Bradford College. Fascinated by the humanities, he incorporates various aspects of his learnings directly into his art.

As an artist, Roshan loves to explore different techniques and is experienced in both digital and traditional mediums such as graphic design, traditional painting, cinematography, and fine art film photography. Roshan describes his style as abstract symbolism, through which he focuses on addressing issues that challenge personal growth.

In 2021, he will be exhibiting his Growth Series, which he completed in early 2021 and is currently exhibiting in our gallery.

He will also be working on 3 further full-time projects:

Poetry in Patterns, a Youtube Art Film Series. In this series Roshan will be exploring sociological and spiritual themes through art and poetry and how they impact us in the 21st century. Click here to view Poetry in Patterns


Momentous Series, is a body of work shot entirely on Fujifilm’s Instax square format instant film, documenting Roshan’s journey of personal growth captured with his signature methodical style. He describes moments that he failed to capture or record significant shifts in his own understanding of personal lessons, as lost opportunities that could have potentially served and resonated with others. With a view to not let these moments continue to slip by, he invested in an instant camera and decided to use the convenient medium of instant film as a way to record his moments of growth and the thoughts he has on a day to day basis, in order to share them with others through photography and writing.

Elephant in the Tomb Series: Past, Present and Future Racism, this series will consist of 3 abstract portrait paintings: ‘Black Jack’, ‘Nude Allude’ and ‘White Plight’. These paintings are a visual representation of Roshan’s perspective on how racism has changed in the last 300 years and how he perceives it may develop moving in to the future.