Immortal Seven – Immortal Series by Tatjana Lee

Art, Tatjana Lee
About This Project

Chalk coloured pencil on Korean paper floating suspension in wooden case. Skull profile (red coloured pencil), sketched on Korean paper with Korean letters, behind dark grey and white storms of clouds and sea in chalk. Only available as a full collection of 10 pieces.


The Immortal series expresses mankind’s striving for immortality or to at least leave something immortal behind. Sometimes we get a feeling of immortality when facing somewhat threatening spectacles of nature like dark clouds or a thunderstorm cumulating over the sea. There is this morbid feeling of eternity, which is transported in the artworks by combining dark clouds, sea, and nature-spectacles with fractions of bones or human organs in red colour shimmering through. We feel the inner urge of the question, what it would mean to be immortal and whether it would be desirable or not.


Hangul, the Korean alphabet, which we see on the ancient paper below the scenes, was developed by King Sejong in the 15th century with the aim, that all Koreans would be able to learn reading or writing easily, so the Korean culture and traditions could be kept alive and immortal over centuries, even though Korea was conquered alternately by the Japanese or the Chinese troops. In dealing with immortality on the ground of Hangul, intimidating moments of nature are presented in artistic, even somewhat morbid scenes, which wonderfully accentuate the presence of emotion and therefore, life.