Kateryna Bortsova – Artist Bio

Galleria Meera is proud to present Kateryna Bortsova, a painter and graphic artist who has been creating art for more than 15 years. Kateryna’s body of work includes more than a total of 300 works, which are in public and private collections worldwide. She holds both Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Graphic Arts degrees. Her works have been showcased in many international exhibitions (Taiwan, Moscow, Munich, Spain, Italy, and the USA etc.). She won a silver medal in the “Realism” category after participating in the “Factory of Visual Art”, New York, USA and the 2015 Emirates Skywards Art of Travel competition in Dubai (UAE).


She is inspired by the concept of human development and self-improvement. In her opinion, she feels that the process of humans constantly learning throughout their lives is very important and is what enables us to reach new heights. Furthermore, as an artist she feels that if one ceases to develop themselves then they will have nothing more to give their audience through their work.


The central theme of Kateryna’s work is human life. She believes that an artist’s work reflects their inner emotions and moods and can therefore be completely autobiographical – an inspiration of certain landscapes, journeys or memories they’ve experienced for example. This is illustrated through the people depicted in Kateryna’s paintings who often have features and experiences similar to her.


Her latest project concentrates on portraying “consumption” (in the form of material resources), which reflects her views on modern society. This is a series of portraits of her contemporaries, all of whom are inhabitants of large, urban megacities. In their own way each of her heroes (the central figures of her paintings) are shown to join, adapt or resist their environment.


Her works are in collections including:


Private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, UK, USA, Australia, Spain, Albania, Hong Kong; The City Gallery of Uzice, Serbia; Palazzo Sturm, Bassano del Grappa, Italy;


Public collections: The Town Hall of Xativa, Spain; Collections of Bodegas Terras Gauda, S. A.; Collections of Tetovo Art Museum; Collections of Bitola Museum; Collections of Brest Regional Museum, Belarus; Collection of the Association of Artists in B&H; Collections of Hungarian Electrographic Art Association; Collections of Centre d’Artistes Voix Visuelle; Emirates Skywards Art Collection, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; The Museological Collection of Ponte de Lima, Portugal; Glo’art Collection, Belgium.