Becca Maguire – Gallery Assistant

Becca is a BA Art History finalist at UCL, with a passion for early modern and medieval art. Her recent research has spanned from relics and reliquaries to the five senses, Adam and Eve, and anatomy. In particular, her dissertation seeks to show how medieval relic devotion was strengthened and transformed through a multisensory engagement. She thoroughly enjoys examining how broader topics such as gender or religion operated, and even intersected, during these periods. For example, the Biblical story of Adam and Eve’s pursuit for knowledge interests her greatly, and in her own words ‘especially how Eve, the female protagonist, became inherently more sinful than her male counterpart’.


Becca’s next step in to the academic art world will be a Master’s focusing on medieval art. She hopes this further year of study will confirm whether she would like to follow an artistic career within a gallery setting or continue researching with a PhD. Nevertheless, she is certain that her strong desire for an inclusive art history will come to fruition in whichever direction she takes, as she is extremely passionate about enthusing others. She says that she will always strive to dismantle the perception that this discipline is elitist or exclusive. Which is why Becca says that Galleria Meera particularly resonates with her, as her ethos aligns with ours as a gallery, in paving the way for a more accessible art world.