About Our Gallery

Galleria Meera is a UK based art gallery that specialises in curating and acquiring artwork for STEM corporate companies and medical healthcare institutions. Our approach prioritises collaborating with you in order to gain a deep understanding of your company’s identity, including its values, vision, and culture, with which we carefully select artworks that effectively communicate your organisation’s unique ethos. Our main two aims are to curate artworks that create an inspiring environment for your team and by extension, reinforce your organisation’s drive and function.


Galleria Meera prides itself on being a buyer side art gallery, focused on understanding and representing our clients, as opposed to representing artists and art dealers. With this approach, we focus primarily on sourcing and curating for our client’s requirements with just the right artwork for them. This makes the art more significant and personal to our clients. With the sourcing, curating, negotiating, and collating of provenance taken care of by Galleria Meera, our clients can rest assured that they are in the hands of an experienced team working on their side.


We encourage you to browse our VR gallery to experience our curations to date and reach out to us with the form below to discuss a project you have in mind. 


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